Creating an online course is more difficult than I thought. when I think about the traditional classroom, students essentially need a piece of paper and pencil and the rest falls on the lap of the instructor. In the online environment students are required to have access to computers, consistent internet, and in many cases utilize technology that they haven’t before.

My family and I just moved into our new house in the past few days. I can relate this experience to an online course because our focus was creating and utilizing a strong and durable foundation, up to date and progressive mechanicals, and durable and strong materials. As an online instructor as I think about the course, I have realized that is much better to draft and redraft and check for understanding so that the students will have an indepth knowledge of the content of the course and the required software/technology so they are prepared from the beginning which will increase the change of them being successful


After reading several articles and watching videos on distance education and the characteristics of successful online courses my conclusion is that community, feedback, and consistency are vital in creating an online classroom.  With these components students are able to feel comfortable in an online community and thrive. It is similar in some ways to working in a traditional classroom in which children thrive with structure and consistency. Children become familiar with the routine of class and know what to expect in some sense.

My thought about distance education is for the student who needs endless flexibility. How do we or how can we address students we need 20 weeks to complete a course due to family and work obligations? When I talk to people and ask them what inhibits them from going back to school there primary reasons are: time, money, and schedule. As I reflect on exemplar online courses and creating a successful class I also think about how people can access distance education better and make it fit their needs.

Technology Reflection

Technology. The average adolescent spends six hours a day utilizing some type of screen and technology. I do not. I do not even know how to access an address book through my e-mail. What does that say about me? Am I technologically illiterate or having I just been to busy commuting, working, and raising a family? I don’t have facebook. Am I antisocial or do I value privacy? Am I a dinosaur of the verge of extinction because I don’t know how to properly use the newest and latest forms of technology or am I an old dog that needs to learn new tricks?

I am a teacher. My background in in Health and Physical Education. When I think of technology in our field I think of prevention and screenings. I think of Skype and watching a class in other district perform the same unit as mine but in a another way. I think of technology in a positive way.

Today I was on the D train and I saw e buds and I Phones. I heard minimal conversation and I thought of technology in a negative way. I felt cut off from a human element. I didn’t hear laughter, loud voices, or deep inspiring conversations. I barely heard anything and I wondered if all the silence was a good thing.